07 March 2015


Banana bread and chicken noodle soup.  G had to leave early today to go to work, so I got up and started my day with some knitting and cleaning. Before noon I had already done the grocery shopping and three loads of laundry. It's the weekend: time to catch up on cleaning and crafting.

I'm hunting for the perfect buttons for the little sweater I'm making. I think I've found them. The weather is mild here and what little snow cover we have is melting away.

I went to the library while I was out and about today, so I have a nice stack of books to keep me busy all afternoon. The house smells like banana bread.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Yum - I haven't made Banana bread in such a long time. Such a pity we have to do housework, would much rather cook, craft or read in the weekends. Enjoy your coming wee.


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