19 March 2014

full moon farm

Up home to the farm this past weekend to get ready for Shepherd's Harvest Festival. We were working so hard that we only had time to make some farm fresh eggs and sausage, instead of our usual large family meal. (No one complained.) We're trying out some new things this year, like fiber batts with our extra wool and mohair. A lot of work, but well worth it.

My mother is on spring break from work, because her ewes are delivering their lambs this week. I hope she sends me some fun photos to share with you all. I started to spin some new fiber on Saturday - we call this colorway "Zinnia." The pale pastel colors in it's twists remind me of the faded zinnias from my garden.

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of spring?  I'll believe it when I feel it and see it.


  1. Beautiful colors Jillian and love the cat and sheep picture! I didn't even see the cat at first and then he totally made me smile! Happy cold first day of Spring!

  2. Love that cat and sheep photo. Happy spring.

  3. It feels like spring - the sun is warm and melting the new snow. Meow is basking in the sun in the sheep hay feeder. She's taking a little break - just like I did this afternoon for a couple of hours as we spent the early hours of the morning in the barn ,,,,, four new baby lambs!


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