27 March 2014

barn notes : a little miracle

I got this email from my mom this morning and it charmed me so much I had to post it here. Little Hannah's eyes say it all.

Notes from the barn: How Miracle got her name:  

We brought her in from the barn Monday night - she was very cold and wouldn't eat. We tube fed her and put her to bed in the bathroom in a box of straw with a hot water bottle to comfort and keep her warm.  We honestly didn't think she would make it thru the night -  she survived!  When I went in to use the bathroom at 2 am I frightened her and she crawled out of her box baaing.  She took a bottle from us a couple more times, we put her back with her mom and she still couldn't figure out how to eat from mom so we had to bring her in on tuesday night, fed her and put her to bed with a water bottle.  This is how she woke up on Wed am - eager for someone to feed her. Last night she spent the night in the barn - I've been out there every few hours struggling with her to eat from her mom ( Dad often has to hold the ewe in place).  This morning she was able to get some milk without our help - we're keeping our fingers crossed she stays strong and determined to eat.  Otherwise she'll have to be bottle fed.... which is fun for awhile...

Love you all, Mom


  1. What a charming story - I hope she continues to drink from her mum. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Having parents who farm and raise animals is a wonderful experience for all.

  3. A sheep in the living room?! What fun! Thanks for sharing Jillian and I'll be sending positive thoughts towards little Miracle. And did I tell you I love the pretty pink new banner photo?

  4. Wow - Hannah's eyes! What a cute little baby lamb...beautiful.

  5. That is so sweet. What a lovely thing for your daughter to feed a lamb.


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