04 August 2013

when the sun shines

Make hay when the sun shines. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

We were up home yesterday. There was a lot going on as usual. Ashley brought up her new puppy - a poodle and lab mix. The young pup was cool as a cucumber. He slept all day and let the other dogs jump around and act like puppies. My mom got some canning peaches from the local grocery, so we made a peach pie and ate it with ice cream at the end of the night. 

My dad was busy baling hay. He claims he baled his best batch yesterday afternoon. The hay was the driest he's ever seen it, which means it will keep all winter long for our sheep and cows to eat. I didn't help with the hay, but I did document it. I climbed on top of some hay bales at the end of the afternoon to snap those long shots of the barnyard and pasture. 

The knitting project above is one of Ashley's. A big cowl knit from our hand-dyed fiber. Pretty, pretty!

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