29 August 2013

long weekend

How to survive a long weekend:

1. Bake a batch of cookies
2. Line up a few knitting projects
3. Pull out some good books
4. Surround yourself with fresh flowers
5. Coordinate your PTO with your hubby
6. Unplug the alarm clock
7. Relax and enjoy

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!


  1. Have a fabulous long weekend. Love the zinnias and those cookies look good.

  2. The young lady you water colored with the knitted hat and scarf brings back memories - you've knit that pattern for everyone in our family. Love your new header - it's fresh and bright.

  3. Okay, your cookies look PERFECT! Absolutely perfect :) Andrew has a big training for the Navy at the end of October--two weeks! Does Garrett have any big stretches?

    1. Hey! We survived a big stretch at the beginning of June . . . and guess what - we found out he's not going to be deployed next June 2014. It still could happen at some point, but we're not planning for it in the immediate future.

      For the cookies . . . I opened a new box of baking soda - that always perks them up!


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