15 August 2013

sparkles + herbs

We've been busy this week with work and various appointments. I had my first appointment at the acupuncturist and Garrett went to the chiropractor. I never thought I'd be laying in a room under a heat lamp with silvery needles wobbling in my belly and various parts of my extremities, but there I was and it was kinda nice. Weird, but nice.

The tea the doctor gave me is a different story. Dark, bitter and tangy. Before it's brewed it looks like the kind of colorful potpourri that I like to set out in the fall. The kind that smells like cinnamon and spice. I wouldn't want to brew that and drink it either. Garrett has his first appointment tomorrow, I wonder what he'll bring home to brew? I'm really curious to see.

I've been baking and spinning. I finally finished up the dark sparkle yarn that I started this spring. All told I have around 350 yards here. Right now I'm thinking I'm going to incorporate it into a weaving project. We'll see where it ends up, I guess. You can find your own top to spin from our sheep here.

The cake is chocolate zucchini. The kind that you put in the fridge and wake up in the middle of the night to snack on with a cold cup of milk. (Not that I do that!)

Is it Friday tomorrow, already? What are you doing this weekend? I'll be taking it easy. Sleeping in, reading some good books and, as always, working on something.


  1. Hi, I have just discovered your blog through the comments page on "On the Windy Side". What a beautiful blog you have - I feel hungry looking at your food photos, and am loving all the garden/flower/produce photos. I can't wait to go back through your archives when I have more time.


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