17 August 2013

good fences

Ah, Saturdays . . . you're never six days away, at any give point, from a Saturday - which gives me a great deal of comfort on a foggy Monday morning, or a never-ending Wednesday afternoon.

I'm currently seeing a lot of orange in my life. The lilies at the curbside with their goofy speckles, the luminous centers of the coneflowers that the bees can't seem to keep away from, and also the fabric I've collected over the years. More recently I've been bringing home orange fat quarters on my random visits to the local fabric shop. 

I've been caught up in a good book all week and just finished it this morning. I have another sitting on the piano that I waited six months to get from the library. I hope the story gets me hooked. I've really been enjoying reading for an hour or so before bed each night.

Hope you all make the most of this Saturday.


  1. Jillian, your photos are stunning as always and that yarn looks amazing! I always turn to Jane Austen when I'm at a loss for what to read - I see she's keeping you company at the moment too.

  2. Hi Adrianne, thank you! Yes, Jane Austen is one of my standbys. I'm currently reading a novel by Joan Aiken - "Mansfield Park Revisited" that is well written.


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