11 July 2011

up home

Zinnia, lily and cilantro flower arrangement. All from my mother's garden.

G and I went up north this weekend to visit my family. We left mid-day Saturday and arrived in time to hang out for the afternoon and take part in preparing dinner. Late in the afternoon we wandered out to visit the sheep in the pasture.

It was hot up there (just as it is everywhere else in the state.) I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and the long grasses in the pasture stuck to my legs and made me all scratchy.

I wanted to get a shot of my finished Aidez sweater out in the pasture with the sheep - the yarn came from them after all - but they weren't half as impressed by it as I was.

I couldn't pass up taking a shot of my mother's hillbilly tomato planters. She even had some fruit on.


  1. Your sweater looks amazing!

  2. Pictures look great! I love the sweater with the sheep!

  3. Your sweater is beautiful Jill, and our sheep love it too.


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