25 July 2011

soon there will be mountains

The first tomatoes from the garden. All of my plants are loaded with fruit. I guess I'd better figure out how I'm going to process all of this produce. I want to stew some tomatoes and can some salsa.

What was blooming in the garden on Sunday: hot papaya cone flowers, daisies and some purple spikes that I'm not sure of the name of that were leaning over from the neighbor's side of the fence.

I made a cheesecake yesterday, but I over-cooked it. I was out working in the garden and discovered that my one and only squash plant had a squash plant borer (I will spare you the image in this post) and I had to perform "surgery" to get the bug out of the inside of my squash vine.

So . . . the dessert came out a bit brown, but there was also something more that was "off" with it. I think the graham crackers that I used for the crust had lost their flavor. I guess that's what I get for scrounging around in the cupboard for my ingredients.

Next time I bake a cheesecake, I'll really take care.

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