06 July 2011

summer greens

Yesterday afternoon I harvested our first green beans of the season. G and I ate them with grilled salmon, wild rice and a side of fresh salad - also from the garden. I planted three rows of green beans this year, all stringless bush beans because I wasn't in the mood to build something for the plants to climb up.

In a few days I should be up to my ears in green beans. I've been looking into ways to preserve them. So far I'm thinking that freezing them will be the best way to keep them, because I hate mushy canned beans.

I've had salad greens for about a month. I planted five different varieties. So far the Forellenschuss, Flame and Amish Deer Tongue lettuce from Seed Savers Exchange are my favorites. They stay tender, but hold up in a salad - especially the Amish Deer Tongue. My sister visited last week and cut down all the the Deer Tongue . . . but it's coming back.

I'm sure most of the lettuce will bolt and turn bitter here in high summer, so I'm enjoying these greens while I can.

I have my Aidez sweater blocking on the bed behind me as I write this. I won't be able to wear it anytime soon, but I have to say it was a fun and rewarding project. I'm thinking about lining the front inside edges with some ribbon and sewing on eye hooks in case I want to wear it closed on some occasions.

Here's the flower arrangement I threw together this past weekend. I put olives in the pasta salad I brought to the picnic and thought the can was pretty.

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