11 January 2011

knitting all the way

I can't believe I spun this sock yarn last year and I'm just getting around to knitting it now. I started working on this project yesterday afternoon and look how far I am. I have a bit of a stiff neck, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

I only have one full week of vacation left before I have to start up school again for spring semester. Garrett and I have a road trip planned to Arizona in that time. I plan on knitting all the way. (That is when I'm not putting my time in behind the wheel.)

Perhaps I'll have a finished project to show you in a few days. It will probably include a cactus.

I'm using a generic short row pattern to turn the heels on these socks. I see that I have a tiny hole where the new heel meets up with the upper part of the sock. This sometimes happens, I always sew up the hole when I finish the sock as I'm weaving in the loose ends.

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