22 January 2011

getting there

It was quite a shock flying into chilly Minneapolis after spending a few days in sunny Arizona. I was grateful to be home, the flights in to and out of Chicago last Monday were all either postponed our canceled due to the weather - I got through, but the cold was an unhappy reminder how how far north I live on the map.

Then I remembered that a knitter depends on the cold in a way . . . chilly temperatures mean warm, cozy sweaters and socks.

The image above is one I took at Tuzigoot National Monument in Arizona. Tuzigoot is a set of pueblo ruins just outside of Sedona. Garrett and I wandered through it last Sunday afternoon before driving on to Phoenix.

I'd always wanted to visit some pueblo ruins after reading so much about them in books. Garrett and I joked as we walked along that at least we weren't being chased by mummies or demonic archaeologists. (Many of the books we read are melodramatic archaeological-adventure fiction.)

Here's a preview of the sweater I'm knitting for my sister's baby, using some of the same hand spun yarn from the socks that I posted a little over a week ago. Looks like I'm going to have enough yarn for both a baby sweater and socks.

That's good new for someone who lives in Minnesota.

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