14 January 2011

cameron, MO

About a quarter of the way into our road trip to Arizona, Garrett and I pulled off the interstate in Cameron, Missouri to refresh and refuel. Garrett filled up the car and I ran into the gas station. When I walked back out Garrett was standing over the open hood of his car with a frown on his face.

Did the car usually sound like this? Well, I didn't remember the engine rattling quite as loudly as it was currently doing. It sounded like a few screws and a belt were loose. Then and there I knew we wouldn't be driving much further until we saw a mechanic.

We ended up stranded in Cameron, MO last night at a comfy chain hotel (with a tiny kidney shaped swimming pool and a 36" flat screen tv.) I'm still here today, as you can see, keeping myself busy while Garrett waits at the shop with the car.

At least I brought my knitting . . . and some buttons.

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