26 July 2010

gardening by candlelight

The green beans are coming in out in the garden, as well as the cucumbers, beets, broccoli, basil, swiss chard and tomatoes. My zinnias are blooming.

I spent a lot of time out in the garden this weekend, tying up my wayward tomato plants and clearing out the pea plants to make way for a row of carrots that should be plump and sweet in time for an autumn harvest.

We've been trying to keep up with all our ripening vegetables by eating something fresh from the garden at every meal. But, wouldn't you know it, we still can't keep up.

Late Friday night I found myself out in the garden checking on my tomato plants. Some candles were still burning on the table out on the terrace and the flicker of candlelight was cast into the garden.

I guess I'm kinda weird, because I found the atmosphere very appealing and would have stayed out longer had the mosquitoes not discovered my ankles. Sometimes, even though my garden is located in south Minneapolis, when I'm out in it I feel like I'm far away from everything else.

Here's to hoping I find more time to garden by candlelight.

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