06 August 2010

some tendrils & some twines

I'm working on several projects here in early August. I can't deny one of the biggest is the garden. Suddenly I have weeds and vegetables everywhere. I thought I could keep up with my two rows of green beans, but the bean pods are starting to grow into food fit for giants.

I had to compost a bunch yesterday. I know I could wait for the beans inside to mature, but I haven't got the time or a place to allow them to dry out . . . yet.

I'm just happy none of my plants have fried in the sun, but I've managed to keep on top of the watering. It's relaxing to stand out in the backyard barefoot and water the thirsty garden at twilight.

The image above is of the floral edge of the my garden. I have petunias, moss roses, rosemary, thyme, blooming cabbages and marigolds -- an afterthought this past spring, but now it's one of my favorite parts of the garden.

Here's a project that I'm working on: Jennifer Tepper Heverly's Windjammer Socks, found in a lovely book The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes. I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in breeds of sheep and grades of fiber. The first entry is about CVM romeldale sheep, so how could I not check out this book?

The yarn I'm using is from Briar Rose Fibers: Grandma's Blessing in all shades of green things that sprout. So far I'm loving its plush texture and soft finish.

And finally, I'm almost done with the baby sweater I'm knitting for my friends' new daughter. The yarn is Kaffe Fassett's collaboration with Regia sock yarn. I've had to tweak the stripes somewhat, but for the most part I've let it stripe as it was designed.

I should be sewing in these loose ends this afternoon.

Looks like this weekend will be a mix of bon fires and volleyball with a bit of spinning on the side. (Hope the weather complies.)

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