15 July 2010

footware malfunctions and other hazzards

Yesterday, on my trek into the library, I stumbled on a crack in the sidewalk and my flip flop broke. Those of you who wear flip flips will immediately realize my predicament: I then had to hobble home with one flip flop on and one flip flop off.

This wasn't very fun on the dirty sidewalks around campus which are littered with broken glass and garbage. I tried not to think about all of the times I'd seen other disgusting things on the sidewalk over the course of my stay in this neighborhood called Dinkytown.

Imagine the evidence that could be left on the sidewalk after a throng of undergrads gets let out of the bar at one in the morning.

Believe me, I tried not to.

But on to less stomach troubling thoughts, as hoped for, my toasty twist socks are complete. Here's a pair of socks that can be worn with some trendy shoes with no worries of a wardrobe malfunction that will leave one hobbling home trough debris.

Here in Minnesota we are experiencing the dog days of summer, a stretch of time when I for one can't help dreaming about chillier sidewalks, colder breezes and the call for sturdy shoes and cleverly knit socks.

Cheers, everyone!

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