12 May 2016

sharing the sweet

Life has been galloping along around here. Mother's Day weekend passed in a flash of warm baby hugs, drool-filled smiles, sugary frosting, flowers, rhubarb bed raiding and family.

I sat down last Friday night and just cried when I realized what the weekend held in store - that I would be blessed enough to celebrate Mother's Day - what a huge miracle! My husband was away on Friday and Saturday night, so I woke up Sunday morning to Logan's chubby checks and his peaceful sleeping face.

To all of you who are Mother's I want to wish you a happy belated Mother's Day and to all of you who are still only mothers in your hearts, waiting for your little ones, I pray God gives you strength and hope, and that you are holding your babies close soon. If only I could have known on some of my darkest days of infertility how Logan's bright smiles and my husband's happy face would make me feel.

Words can't describe.

My crafting life is still weaving itself together behind the scenes. I finished my scrappy trip around the world quilt top on Sunday afternoon and then sewed together the back. Logan was rolling around on my fabric piecing above.

I also started to knit a small baby cap for a coworkers wife who was due at the end of May, but then she had the baby on Sunday night and the cap is still unfinished. I think I may have run out of steam there, but I will pick it up again for the next baby the stork brings.

My sister gave me her Single Girl quilt pattern. I want to try my hand at piecing together a few blocks. Maybe I can pull enough together for a small lap quilt. We'll see! (I got some new fabric.)

Friday tomorrow! Keep going, everyone!

xo Jill

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated Mothers Day - such a special one for you!!
    New fabric is always good - love that pattern, look forward to seeing what you do with it.
    Have a fabulous weekend.


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