15 May 2016

chasing sheep

Here are some images from the end of the week and the weekend. We packed up and went up to the farm on Saturday for a big family gathering to celebrate family being home from out of state and also an upcoming wedding for a cousin. So my parent's house was overflowing with good food, little cousins and bridal shower paraphernalia.

A lot to squeeze in to an afternoon.

The sun was finally out so I pulled out my most recent finished quilt top and asked my sister to snap some photos. We ended up in the front yard under the big trees. I always get a kick out of my quilt pictures. Big quilt - little legs and feet. A quilt monster.

It's only Sunday morning and we're back in the city. I'm hoping if the weather stays mild to get a lot of yard work done today. With the birth of our little guy last November and me being really pregnant all fall we didn't get our leaves racked as usual, so the yard is really suffering. Luckily we have a small lot, so it usually takes a weekend of hard work from my husband and myself to get the place looking nice.

I have some flowers waiting to be put in the ground and a lot of seeds, so I'm excited.

Cheers everyone!



  1. "Quilt Monster!" I love the description, sometimes quilting project can turn into such. Love the picture of the lambs racing.

  2. Looks like the perfect weekend.

  3. Aloha! I found your blog from the link up with Nicole. What a lovely weekend you had! I love the quilt too, so many yummy Denyse Schmidt fabrics! Your little boy is so precious. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I love Denyse Schmidts designs and fabrics too.

  4. The baby human is the cutest of all!


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