23 May 2016

sewn together

Another blessed weekend around here. We really don't do much. We sleep in, drink coffee, sit out on the back porch and contemplate the garden. We try to come up with a game plan. We scrap the game plan and do what makes us feel happy.

The baby laughs. He cries. He takes a nap. We take a nap. The grill gets pulled out. We find something to eat between the freezer and the fridge. It feels like a miracle, because we really need to go food shopping, but somehow we pull off (what feels like in our opinion) a gourmet meal.

The moon rises the sun sets. We take a walk at twilight, pushing the baby in the stroller. The dog prances along beside us. She barks at little dogs but keeps her nose down when a big dog strolls past.

In the in between moments I tiptoe up to my attic studio and madly cut out fabric shapes. Sew them together. I'm not much for perfection these days, just production and it feels so good to sew two pretty fabrics together and watch their patterns collide and interact.

The baby squawks from his crib and I cock an ear. It's a one in four chance he'll go back to sleep. The odds are in his favor. I set down my scissors and ramble down the stairs. Baby is awake. The dog wants her frisbee thrown. The neighbors are out digging in their yard. The baby is smiling at my husband. My husband smiles at me. 

Simple things. Miraculous things. Our family.

Hope you are feeling the blessings too.

xo Jill

P.S. Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm and Keep Crafting.


  1. beautiful...beautiful...beautiful...

  2. Theese little babyfeet. So cute! ♥
    Thank you for sharing your pictures of the weekend.
    Far away - but looking too the same full moon.

  3. Simple but lovely things - the perfect sort of everyday ordinary (and a beautiful quilt to boot!)

  4. Your little man is just gorgeous, such a cute smile. Loving that quilt in progress too.


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