11 February 2016

banana bread days

All good things must come to an end. I only have one more month left of maternity leave.

I know it's going to be hard going back to work, so I'm starting to emotionally prepare myself now. I spoke to work yesterday and started the process of reintegrating myself. Somehow, talking to the woman in HR really stuck in my head. Usually I'm able to brush off that I'll have to go back to work mid-March and not think about it, but after hearing her voice yesterday it's a done deal.

Reality is coming.

No more days like today where I wore my flannel pajama bottoms until lunch time, sang goofy songs to the baby (also in his PJs) over our "lunch break" and baked a loaf of banana bread just because I was "in the mood" and had the time (and lots of frozen bananas in the freezer.)

I like my job, so I know that I'm going to be happy once I get back into the swing of things. We've found a good daycare to watch Logan, so I feel good about that too. I think the best way that I can prepare myself for not being able to spend all day long with the baby is to not take any of these moments that I have with him for granted - now or in the future.

If you worked outside of the home, how did you handle it? I love to hear tips, anecdotes and advice. I think I'm gonna need it :) :)

I'm also going to get organized and wrap up as many projects as I can, clean the house and prepare some freezer dinners for my first month back at work. I'm almost done with my flax sweater.

One sleeve to go!



  1. Jill it will be okay. One thing is certain in life and that is change.... Send me some banana bread!

  2. I am sure the first couple of weeks will be hard, but you will manage. Freezing meals is a good idea, and invest in a crockpot if you haven't already, something so nice about coming home from work and smelling dinner cooking. Don't stress too much about housework either, it never goes away, enjoy your baby, reading, cooking knitting and sewing while you have the time.

  3. I had to return to work full time after both of mine - it won't be as bad as you anticipate and cherish the times you have. I love the yarn you are using, beautiful colours.

  4. I've done the going back thing three times now; part time after the first two and full time now while my husband has a stint as a stay at home dad. Honestly, it can be tough for the first few weeks, and feel all wrong and counter intuitive. The best tip I have is to find a project at work that you can really dive into so that the time flies. The worst thing is missing your baby and having not enough to do. And you're quite right to savour every last minute of maternity leave - it's a special time. Enjoy your banana bread, your gorgeous knitting and the rest of the lovely baby time :)

  5. I know how it goes. I stayed home until my daughter was 3. It was bliss. I can't imagine how people say that they could not stay home! I am still working, mostly full time, and I still would love to not work. Good luck with going back. I am sure that it will be OK once you get back in the swing of it.

  6. Going back to work is hard -- the key is feeling comfortable with your childcare situation and your daily routine. When I first went back to work during the bitterly cold winter of 2013/4, my little Erik started at a regular daycare center, and it was just too much. Not personal enough, too many germs (his upper respiratory system tends toward bronchiolitis), just not the right fit for us. I was miserable, he was sick, I felt guilty, etc. Two months later I switched him to a very small (3 kids), loving, home daycare that was like leaving him at Grandma's house. It was wonderful and made all the difference. I knew he was in good hands, I got used to being at work, I rearranged my work schedule so that I could pick him up early and then do a little more work after baby bedtime. It will be hard at first no matter what, but it will get better. P.S. I just discovered your blog, and it's lovely. I'm a Minnesota native, though now live in Michigan on the shores of Lake St. Clair, with my two babies and two cats.

  7. Ditto on the crockpot; load up at Trader Joe's/etc.; housework can wait, babies can't.


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