10 February 2016

handspun hat

The baby is sleeping in his little monkey bed as I write this. We ran some errands today, to the grocery store and to the fabric shop. I found a background for the star quilt that I'm working on. Now I have to sew it all together. I hope it goes well, quilting isn't my forte, but I really love doing it. Some of my blocks for this quilt are misaligned, but I think only an experienced quilter would notice that sort of thing, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

As long as there are no large holes we're good.

Logan's wearing a hat that I spun and knit for him this past July, when he was just a little flutter in my belly. I can't believe his head has grown enough for him to fit into it. I pulled it out of the drawer today as we were getting ready to dash out to the store, I didn't think it would fit, but it was almost a little too tight.

Is this how fast a baby grows? Faster than their mamas think they should? Too fast.

I finished two books this week and already started another. I wrapped up "A Curious Beginning" which I wrote about last week. Then I sped through "Red Queen" which reminded me of "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent." The book I'm reading now has already had me laughing out loud. I know a lot of people who have liked it. It's fun because part of it is set in my home state and it's about home grown food and cooking. I'm already craving fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Have a good week everyone.



  1. Beautiful quilt, love all the bright colours.

    Babies grow far too fast. My eldest turned 10 last month, crazy :-(

  2. Lovely quilt. It is very joyful. Baby Logan looks happy to run around with his Mama...!

  3. Oh wow - how amazing that you spun the yarn for that adorable beanie as well as knitted it! What a precious keepsake that will be, even after he out grows it. Babies do grow so very fast it seems!

    Sarah x

  4. My "baby boy" turned 12 last week. I love that hat, it looks so soft and snuggly. Love the colours in your quilt, mine are never perfect either, I think that gives them the " handcrafted not mass produced' look. I also enjoyed your latest read.

  5. your model is beautiful :) I love that you SPUN and knit the hat! I only knit but I knit a lot. The book looks good :)

  6. Yes babies grow that fast! I took my oldest in for his 17year check up. Even the nurse was I remember how cute that little guy was running around when I started here, who is this tall person you are bringing in? Enjoy this time. The hat looks great - I love that pattern and made it for a friend's new baby this year. the quilt looks great. Love and work make everything line up!

  7. I'm absolutely craving garden fresh tomatoes, too. The cap is so precious. Looks very cozy on your sweet angel.


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