23 February 2016

day of blessing

A thirty-three year old baptism gown that my aunt Janet made for my brother and now my son is wearing it. My mom pulled it out of her drawer about a month ago when we started planning Logan's baptism. There were some thirty-three year old spit up stains on the front of it that I couldn't get out, so I turned the whole gown around and sewed the buttons on the back and he wore it like that.

Did I snap thousands of photos? Yup :) :)

Little babies are sure slippery in satin and lace. We're lucky no one dropped him over the course of the day. I am just sappy over these photos. Never again will I get to dress him up this way - not in puffed sleeves and lace. I can't believe that he didn't fight the bonnet, but he just laid there cooing up at me as I snapped these photos.

Our little house was filled to the brim with family and friends this past Sunday and I have never been happier. Our moms and sisters pitched in to bring dishes of food and the little cousins darted around the adults trying to find a space to play. (Logan is so little that we don't have many toys for them to play with here, but I kept finding his stuffed animals around the house a few days after the event, wherever a niece or nephew dropped one.) Logan has a lot of stuffed lambs.

Here is a poem that my mom put in his baptism card:

God sent you the best He had
The blessing of baby hands
And ten small toes
that came in rows
imported from Angel lands!
God blessed 
the little darling
and to earth
sent us this pearl;
He has won 
our hearts already
Your blessed baby boy
I send you the best I have
A wish that is big and true;
that God will bless 
with tenderness
His dear little gift and you!

It was printed in Italy, that's all I know about the source. I already have it stuck on the fridge and my heart gives a little bump bump when I read it. It is so true.

My oriental lily is blooming. The house smells wonderful.  

Wishing you many blessings,



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  1. Beautiful Baby L. What a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks for all of your help, Jenny!

  3. Oh my goodness, how ingenious! He looks perfect. So sweet. I love how you described the party at your home following the baptism...I hope ours turns out as lovely. Congratulations on his special day!


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