31 August 2014

late summer meals + projects

We've been pretty busy here this late August. I finally got out into the garden today, to pull some weeds and harvest some tomatoes. Those oranges ones posted above are called Orange Oxheart and they make the best BLTs! We've been gorging ourselves on tomatoes and basil and all of the wonderful things that you can make with those two food staples. I like to take equal parts real mayo and pesto and combine it into pesto mayo. This is so good on a BLT or just a cold sandwich.  The tomatoes are starting to pile up on the counter so we're due for another BLT or salsa binge this week.

I've been embroidering a little something. Not my design, but I was drawn to it when I saw it on Pinterest - making it makes me feel positive energy so I'm letting myself indulge. It can be found here.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



  1. Tons of great, bright colors in this post Jillian! Bree looks very comfy!

  2. Love the new embroidery design. What is the soup?


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