10 August 2014

august knitting

August has been all about the garden and eating fresh food. We've been having a lot of salsa because the tomatoes are ripening faster than we can even hope to consume them all. Salsa is a good way to deal with these little buggers before they get over ripe and go to waste. We've been eating it with corn chips, between browned flour tortillas with cheese and grilled chicken and on our eggs. I'm not sick of it yet, but we haven't come close to peak tomato production yet.

More knitting. August seems to traditionally be a big knitting month for me. Maybe it's because fall is just around the corner and the thought of cooler weather has me reaching for my knitting needles to make yet another shawl or wrap. Such was the case a few weeks ago. This pattern is called All About Love Shawl and you can find it here for free. Who do you think wears it best? Me or Bree?

I'm really proud of the garden this year. Last year we were coming to terms with so many road blocks about starting our family that I totally neglected the yard, flowers and garden, but this year I've been on top of things - cultivating things. There's nothing more dejecting than having a bummer of a day and walking out into the back yard to look at your dead garden. Hard times - I'm so glad we're moving forward the best way we know how. I don't ever ask for it, but we'd love to be on the receiving end of any positive thoughts or prayers. You can even contact me if you know of any connections that might help us with our adoption. I can put you in touch with our social worker - our homestudy is written for domestic infant adoption. We're coming up on our one year adoption waiting game anniversary in October. I've been hopeful that this blog might help us make a connection. Connections sometimes come from the oddest places - a hunch becomes a chance and a chance could turn into our miracle.

Feel free to share this blog if your heart moves you in that direction.


  1. Your miracle is out there, Jill! Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way! ~Tracy

  2. I can't wait to meet Bree, she looks so sweet in that picture!

  3. Too bad it's dark out right now - one look at that salsa you made has me craving fresh tomatoes myself. Who knows what wild animal is lurking in our garden after dark. It's one thing to frighten away a deer nibbling on the beans - but I wouldn't want to frighten a skunk passing through. Living in the country is always full of surprises - some are a bit unpleasant however.


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