26 July 2014

hollyhocks & waterfalls

I don't know where I've been finding the time to knit, but another little sweater found it's way off the needles. I really love this one it's made from some soft alpaca handspun that I made over five years ago. Some of the first yarn I spun, I think. I'd forgotten about it, but then found it in a bag of yarn in my sister's closet this spring. I instantly reclaimed it and started to knit with it, but it took me awhile (lots of tearing out and starting over) to find the right pattern for it. Now that it's finished I love its super pastel softness - with the streaks of pink stitches that flash thru it.

We've been out and about. Our church had an outdoor service at Minnehaha Falls, which gave me a chance to snap photos of the falls. The park was already crowded, even on a Sunday morning when we got there. We live fairly close to this park and should visit it more often - I always forget how beautiful the falls are.

Hollyhocks seem to be the fad in the community garden this year. Many plots have large stands of them, but they are starting to develop that mold that always gets them this time of year. The blossoms are still pretty.

This was my first batch of deviled eggs for the season. The dill is growing like crazy in the garden right now. We've been putting it on chicken and in salads and of course in these deviled eggs. They disappeared (into our bellies) in less than twenty-four hours.

Hope your summer is going well!



  1. I love hollyhocks! So easy to grow. Im after a white one with a pink centre. Its very hot here, I wish I could stand under that waterfall!

  2. Love the echinacea flowers and the colour of that deep wine hollyhock. I should try growing dill next summer. Bree is looking so content and beautiful too.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I remember you spinning that yarn Jill - the sweater is sweet and will be so comfy and cozy.

  4. Those deviled eggs are definitely a favorite of mine - they look yummy!

  5. Jill, I also love the hollyhocks. Great to see a new post. Love the little sweater!


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