17 June 2014

peony days

Peony days around here. Almost everywhere I look when I'm out for my daily walk I seem to find these flowers spilling their blossoms at my feet. Their scent is overpowering when I bring them into the house. It fills the entire room - as if I had some glamorous diva as a house guest who douses herself in this perfume that we only get to smell these first weeks of June.

Bree and I have been hanging out. We are about halfway through Garrett's annual training. The time is going by fast and slow. Fast when I'm at work and busy on some project, slow when I'm home here in the evenings preparing dinner and walking the dog by myself. Slow as I'm drifting to sleep.

Hope you have some flowers blossoming in your neck of the woods.



  1. I bet your house smells heavenly. Mine should bloom in a week or so. Cheers!

  2. Welcome to life with a dog - I see she has discovered the flower beds!

  3. Thank you for such beautiful peony photos. I don't get a cold enough winter in Auckand, NZ to grow them successfully. I imagine flowering en masse the scent is just heavenly.

  4. Beautiful picture of Bree in the flowers!


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