22 June 2014

painted fields

I went up to the farm this weekend and spent the night with my mom and dad. I like do this one of the weekends that Garrett is away at training. We usually bake a lot and spend time making things, but this time we dedicated all of our woman-power towards fixing up a rental property that my mom and dad invested in. I spent most of Saturday afternoon touching up walls and painting trim. I'm glad I could help them out. I've been kinda self-involved lately and I forgot how good it feels to pitch in.

I snapped these photos on my drive back to the city. The fields around my parent's farm are filled with wildflowers and green grasses. Soon they will be filled with big bales (as soon as this rainy weather passes over and all of the grass can dry out.) My dad told me that because of the long winter a lot of things like raspberries and hay are about two weeks behind schedule. The raspberries in our backyard here in the city are only starting to look green and plump - they haven't even started to turn red yet.

They will be waiting for Garrett when he gets home. I'm happy about that. He usually misses them. (I eat them all.) Just kidding . . . . I freeze a small portion of them, but it's just so hard to resist a homegrown raspberry.

Well, here it's already Sunday afternoon. Monday looms. Better get on the laundry and the dishes or my work week will be a chaotic mess.

Talk to you soon,



  1. Those fields look beautiful - would love to walk through them and pick a bunch of flowers. Yum to raspberries, I love them, I have never tried growing them, don't really think I have the room unfortunately.

  2. My husband was doing the same as you this weekend - painting, painting. Trying to get a house we're flipping back on the market - I'm not much help with the little babe. I don't think a 20 month old and a paint brush are a good combination! Love that cow giving you the eye!

  3. Love the landscape Jill. It was really good to see you.


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