02 June 2014

hello sheep

First encounters with the woolly kind. We brought our 3/4 Shetland Sheep dog - 1/4 Rough Collie up to the family farm this past weekend and introduced her to everybody - plus our flock of sheep. One party (the sheep) was very little impressed - the other (our lovely Bree) was captivated.

Up until that point we'd heard two types of barks out of Bree - her bark for "there's another dog out on the sidewalk" and her joyful "throw the frisbee! Now!" bark. Yesterday we heard a new bark out of her. This was was a low woof - a very intense low woof. I haven't been able to translate it into human speak yet, but I definitely will once I figure it out.

Yes, that is more yarn. My sister and I each picked out a shade of blue to start a project with. I'm not sure what I'll make with my selection, but a lovely, lacy scarf sounds nice. The colorful single ply on the bobbin above is also a work in progress. I'm about 1/3 through another bobbin that I intend to ply with the one shown.

I've got to give a plug for my sis's blog this week - I just love the words and the images. She's my quilting connection (and has got a slight addiction to barns, as well.) You can find her here.

Well, happy beginning of June, everyone.



  1. Bree was a great guest this weekend. I love my yarn selection, although I have not made much progress on my little sweater. I have the fiber sitting on a shelf in my office at work for inspiration. Thanks for the kind words about my post.

  2. Happy summer to you my friend. I think that bark is Bree's "round those girls up" one. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that yarn too.

  3. Love that first green/turquoise colorway. Hope she learns how to behave around the sheep - great through-the-ear picture!

  4. The little lambs were looking for Bree this afternoon.....

  5. Wow, I am loving Bree! What a cute dog. Looks like she was having a good time up at the farm. And as always, I enjoyed the pictures. Happy summer to you!


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