06 April 2014

lost on the interwebs (with only one sock)

Lost on the interwebs . . . a blog adrift without a valid domain name. I have returned from the land of Go Daddy - Blogger - Google with my blog intact, but my nerves somewhat frazzled. For the past few months I'd been haggling with Go Daddy over my domain name because of some changes that Google made to their "Admin Settings" and we finally came to a resolution - if you are here today you will notice that my domain has changed - same tendril + twine - different address. Please update your links and pass it on to your friends.

I am so relieved that I still have my archives - they represent five years of living, crafting and loving. I've decided that I'm going to back everything up in book form - just for me. I've been looking into Blog2Print . It seems like a fast way to document my blog's history. Anyone else have any suggestions? I would love to know how you back up your blogs - or even if you're concerned about doing that.

On a creative note, I've finished one sock just this morning and will be casting on for the next soon. We've been eating a lot of salads around here and I tried out a new recipe on Friday night with quiona and black beans that can be found here. Great with chips and guacamole - thanks to Meghan at book club for introducing me to it.

Yup, I'm re-reading Sense and Sensibility again. I just can't help it. There is something so soothing about Marianne freaking out and Elinor setting things to rights with emotional calm and poise that I'm just really, really addicted to. It. Never. Gets. Old.

Well, I'm happy to be back and still my crazy, crafting self. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.



P.S. I helped my sister - Jennifer - and cousin - Ashley - set up their own blogs this weekend. You will find One Sister Two Sister and Blue Jeans and Socks on my sidebar links. Can't wait to see what those two post.


  1. I have had an afternoon of crazy crafting myself...much more joyful than blog stresses.
    I'm sticking with blogger for now, blog change is scary, I know from experience!
    Glad you have sorted things out because I've only just found you xx

  2. Jill the salad looks good, so does the sock. Glad to see you up and running. Thanks for the call out! Love Jen

  3. Awesome sock...I love the way it is striping! Can't wait to see how the second one turns out!

  4. Oh, I pity you for having to deal with all of that technical mumbo jumbo. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Sock looks great. Good for you for spreading your blogging skills!


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