17 April 2014

out the door

My wanderings around the neighborhood have turned up some happy photos. The greenhouse up the block has pansies set out - that's hopeful! Maybe the weather will start to warm up and I'll gather enough confidence to set some of their cheerful faces out on our front step.

I've been on an embroidery marathon. These dish towels are already finished and out the door. A gift for my friend at her bridal shower. They were a lot of fun to make - just the iron on patterns that you can get at a craft store. They always make me think of my grandma for some reason.

Hope your week is going well - the weekend is very near.

Hang in there!



  1. I'll proofread before I hit publish this time. Pretty gift wrapping. I love pansies - their faces are always so happy. Please what is the name of your very photogenic cat. Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Hi Julie - I'm the same way with proof-reading - woops! Our cat is called Chewy - yes after Star Wars...

    2. Perfectly named. I adore seeing your photos of him. My little old lady tabby cat doesn't like having her photo taken, unfortunately.

  2. Beautiful card Jillian and such cute embroidery! I love the hair on them!

  3. Love the blue wagons and pansies! Charming...


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