24 February 2014

big snow

The house across the street had sweeps of snow - like sculpted meringue on a pie - on its roof all weekend long. I would look out at the puffs of smoke from the chimney tops in our neighborhood and see the blowing snow and just be happy that I was tucked inside with my knitting and my stack of books from the library.

 We braved the roads this weekend to visit family on both days and as a result found Monday morning a bit hard to handle. Below zero again and I had to put gas in my car. (Dear Winter : We have all had enough of you.)

I'm in a bit of a creative doldrums around here - so I hope things liven up. I need to find a quote or a poem or a scrap of fabric or yarn that will perk me up and pull me back into the swing of things. Ever felt this way? Well, I'm on the lookout for some inspiration - I'm sure I won't have to look for long before something swells my heart. Maybe I'll just take a "stroll" through my blog roll.


  1. Love the red buttons on the sweater. Love the quilt also! It was great seeing you. Inspiration will come....

  2. I always find that having a clean up of my crafting supplies (I have a significant stash) gets me inspired. My problem is remembering the ideas that I have, so need to keep lots of paper around. :-) Hope Spring comes soon.

  3. Oh Jillian, the sweater is absolutely fantastic. It looks so thick and warm and fun to touch! It is just such a shame that little ones grow so darn fast!

  4. I've pulled some of the short stories for children you wrote years ago off the closet shelf. After blowing years of dust away I found a treasure of laughter and memories. Why not take a break from yarn for a weekend, come home to the farm, and play with colored pencils, paints and words ....


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