02 February 2014


Up home this weekend to the farm, where I found copious cups of hot tea, a half-eaten birthday cake and a scattering of yarn and colorful beans. We woke up this morning to what my dad claimed was "probably the coldest place in North America." None of us were expecting -23 degrees below zero. It was good to be there. Good to sit and chat with a hot mug clasped in my hands. Good to see grandma and grandpa, and good to hear my little niece Hannah wish me "Happy Birthday" and know that she knows (at three years old now) what a birthday is. She is growing up so fast!

We made things work. In a week of birthdays we made due with a half-eaten chocolate cake, stuck in a few candles, and sang a rowdy chorus of "Happy Birthday to us!" It was perfect.

The mitten above came off of Ashley's needles. The yarn is some of our own. We're working on recreating it, because we all loved it so much when we saw what Ashley was making. You can find the pattern for the mittens here. I want to knit a pair out of the dark gray yarn that I'm using for the baby sweater above.  Almost finished!

Happy February, everyone.


  1. Hope that you had a fabulous birthday. Gosh that looks cold - you will definitely need all that firewood.

  2. The sweater is looking so chunky and adorable - what texture! We had some chocolate cake here this weekend - I just don't understand people who say they don't like chocolate! Cute picture of the sheep in their blankets. They wear them to protect the fleece?

    1. Hi Katie - thanks! My mom's sheep wear coats all year round to protect their fleeces. It keeps them clean and protects the natural colors of their wool from fading. She works really hard to keep the fleeces in top shape. We shear in the spring - this March.

  3. I love all the natural colors in your photos--the snow, the wood, the dark grey wool on your needs--makes the color pop when you see it! Delightful!


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