24 January 2014

winter garden

I went for a walk and found a stand of Queen Anne's Lace and the flowers looked like they could be accessories for a fairy queen - lacy scepters holding crystals of ice. I was completely enchanted and I took at least a dozen photos. The one at the top of this post is my favorite.

I like to imagine how it was formed: the snow fell and filled the lacy cup of the dried flower head, then the wind blew and spun it into a icy sphere. And there is was - waiting for me - on my next walk through the neighborhood. I wanted to pick it and take it home, but it would have melted if I had brought it inside.

I'm working on a lace baby sweater - a pattern that I've knit a dozen times, but this is the first time that I've used my mother's wool and kid mohair yarn. It's going to be super soft and warm.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Gosh it looks to cold to even venture outside. Love your candles in the window. Keep warm and have a great weekend.

  2. The super soft baby sweater looks so sweet lying atop the delicate dresser scarf. Ties in beautifully with the first photo and verse.

    1. Thanks, Julie. The fabric belongs to a handkerchief that my grandmother gave me for my wedding day, I love to sneak it into photos on the blog.

  3. Oh, I thought the plant was a sunflower - thanks for the explanation behind the photo! Its awesome that you are using yarn from your mom's farm. Beautiful, calming pictures.

  4. Your photos are wondrous, Jill! I love all the soothing greys in the shots!


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