13 January 2014

snowmen kissing

It feels so good to have a Monday morning off from work. I've been up since before Garrett had to leave - brewing coffee, pulling on a warm pair of handknit socks - and as soon as he slipped out the front door I snuggled into the sofa with my computer to post a blog and catch up with all the things I'd missed over the last week.

The first thing we both missed (due to our crazy work schedules and Garrett starting up grad school again) was our second anniversary. This was agreed upon. We postponed celebrating until this week, when we both had some breathing room to enjoy a dinner out. (My mom drew us that cute snowmen kissing card - I tacked it to the fridge right away. It sorta sets the tone for a sub-zero winter wedding anniversary - which is what we experienced last week.)

Brrrr! We're coming out of a deep freeze here. I spent the weekend quilting, reading and plotting my next knitting project. You can see my progress on the quilt above. I love how it's coming together. Now I need to figure out the trim and the backing and quilt it on my machine - without breaking my sewing machine. I think it's finally time I learned the tension settings - i.e. maybe I better read the instruction book that came with the machine.

Good Books - The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Sun-Mi Hwang. Wow! Just wow - I'm serious. I saw this book at the bookstore at around Christmas time and we decided not to buy it because it was just a slender volume and why not check it out at the library? (which is how I got it) but now I know I want to own it. This book is an allegory for all women who dream about "hatching their own eggs" and becoming a mother - no matter what type of little chick hops out of the egg. I bawled at the ending. It was good for me.

The little watercolor of the quilt above is inspiration for my next quilting project - a keeper for us. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm up for it. 

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Happy Anniversary - my husband and I celebrate our 16th next week. I love your quilt plan - I think you should frame this. Maybe I'll commission you do draw me one just as art work - it's beautiful. Your mum is obviously arty too. Can't wait to see your quilt finished - have you used linen in it too?

  2. The triangle quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I am so impressed!!

  3. You take the most gorgeous photos - they are stunning. Well done! :-)

  4. Nice post - congrats on your anniversary. Even though I am home every day, I don't have time to just snuggle down on the sofa for a lot of uninterrupted "me" time - the price to pay for a having a toddler and 6 dogs! Your comment about the sewing machine made me laugh - I too am an anti-instruction manual kind of girl. My mother-in-law showed me enough to sew a straight line, refill the bobbin, and change the tension and with that I felt I could dive right in! No time for reading a manual to learn something I don't need to know right this minute! :) I know there are different needles for different types of sewing, but I haven't bothered to look at that, so I've been using the same one for felt, cotton, 4 layers together of cotton, batting, and potholder insulation - so far its all turned out without a broken needle. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!


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