06 January 2014

below zero

You can readily see the difference between in-doors and out around here. The Minerra Amaryllis my sister gave me for Christmas is blooming with huge pink sail-like blossoms in my studio, while the little shurbs outside my window have become puffs of frozen seedpods in the below zero temperatures. I can't decide which one I like more or for what reason. I appreciate the bulb that's blooming on my desk, it adds color in an otherwise dreary season, but there is something exciting about taking my camera out into this cold world and trying to find something of interest. What will the winter landscape reveal?

When color flashes in a landscape such as this you can't help but notice it. The sunset was a warm glow in the western horizon tonight - it's so cold out even it's colors were subdued. Nothing flashy, just an edge of pale amber. We stayed in all weekend long, watching movies, being lazy. I picked up another Jane Austen novel to reread - again. (Dearest, Emma.)

I had to venture out to work, but since only one of our vehicles started this morning, I also had to leave work early in order to catch a ride with my husband. The early evening has slowly unraveled before me. There's been some picture-taking, some puzzling over quilt blocks and a little bit of baking preparation. (I set some bananas to thaw in front of a heat vent about an hour ago.) I have a craving for some banana bread.

I believe the layout for the quilt I'm making is called "Flying Geese." I was inspired by this project here, and if I can find all of the pieces that the cat has carried off and hidden away in her hidey-holes, I may be able to pull it off. Our cat has decided she has a vendetta against quilting this week. I have to make sure to shut the door of my studio each night or else she'll slip in there and tear into everything - like most of the cats I know.

Wherever you are I hope you're cozy and warm.



  1. What a bright and beautiful quilt - just what is needed to get you through a monotone freezing January! Love the bit about the cat! Going to do some baking today to keep the oven going for warmth - made pumpkin molasses chocolate chip bars yesterday - heated up today it will make a good snack. Banana bread is one of our favorites around here, normally with chocolate chips! I use my mom's recipe, which is one of the best I've found. I like that it is "cheap" to make - doesn't use any butter.

  2. What bright colourful photos - perfect for warming you up. That quilt is looking fabulous. My amaryllis grows outside in pots, usually flowering in time for Christmas - not this year though. I have been told to give it some plant food and it should next year.

  3. Beautiful, peaceful, and utterly inspiring! I love this quilt you're putting together. It's amazing! And so precise, too. All of my quilts seem to be haphazardly assembled. We're keeping warm here the best we can, but, I have to say, I'm so glad we're not some place as cold as MN!

    1. Thanks, Julia - the quilt only looks precise now, because I haven't started sewing it together yet. That's where all the mistakes are made! That's okay though, it's usually comes out okay in the end. It's warming up here in Minnesota - looking forward to a weekend with temps above zero degrees. Thanks!


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