14 September 2013

turning to autumn

I meet my sister for lunch on Friday and had a lovely afternoon of window-shopping and walking around a part of White Bear Lake that has a collection of welcoming storefronts and public space that just makes you want to linger and drink coffee out on the sidewalk and people-watch. We ate lunch outside under a red umbrella and sat and talked over frothy hot drinks for over an hour.

The season is starting to shift here. All of the shops had their windows decorated for fall. Bats and pumpkins and cobwebs. Time to decorate for Halloween!

I caught the tail end of a farmers market that day and snapped a bunch of photos. I just love to see the produce set out in baskets and bowls. I got out my paints this weekend - just playing around.

Hope you're enjoying the shifting seasons. I'm looking forward to a colorful autumn.


  1. Lovely photos, and your little painting is just gorgeous.

  2. The table display with baskets and veggies is really beautiful. I see you have your apple peeler out - the apple trees are overloaded this year. Lots of applesauce to make and my favorite: apple bars.

  3. Fabulous autumn photos - you are very talented, I would love to be able to paint like that.


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