10 September 2013


I don't want the sunflowers to go away. I planted several varieties in the garden and I can't decide which is my favorite, or if I like to see them squashed together in a vase so that I can let my eyes travel over them and compare and contrast. I like the giant ones with the dark centers and the golden fuzzy ones with petals all over their faces - not to mention the maroon and rosy ones that have tiny star-like blossoms around their centers.

They are the color of hope and they are all over my house this week.

The black krim tomatoes are starting to ripen in the garden, I thought they were supposed to come in first, but I guess I'll take them whenever I can get them. I season of soup is upon us and I couldn't resist cooking up a batch of my favorite squash and vegetables soup last night. Turmeric, cumin and cilantro make this an aromatic treat.

I'm also trying to wrap up a project that's been in the craft basket all summer.


  1. Sunflowers seem to epitomise the end of a golden summer - how lovely to have a big vase of them inside. I might have to look out for some interesting seeds to plant, so I can have some to pick - if it ever stops raining here.

  2. I love your squash and pear soup also, hope you can find a weekend to come up and make some.


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