21 September 2013


A perfect September night - and it's a Saturday - I couldn't ask for more. Garrett has a weekend of training away from home, so I have the house to myself. I've tidied up (for the most part) and set the kettle to brew and pulled on my favorite wool socks. There's homemade soup in the fridge - chicken and wild rice. The chicken is from my parent's farm and I added fresh ginger and jalapeno to the broth. The old standby recipe to bring me back to center - health, hearth and home.

Hope you're caring for yourself this weekend, and kicking up some leaves if they've fallen at your door.

XOXO - Jill


  1. wow Jillian, these photos are so stunning. I love the first one the most. I want to paint it!


    1. Please do! I would love to see how it comes out under your brush. Your paintings are wonderful.

  2. Beautiful coloured wool and the Morning Glory? just stunning. Thank you for sharing it.


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