01 July 2012

beautiful blue wedding

Blue is a beautiful color for a June wedding, especially when the temperatures are soaring. At least the color blue makes one remember what it feels like to be cool, crisp and composed. Yes, blue at a summer wedding is a good color.

Here's the bride's bouquet, we added blue carnations and some trailing purple fountain grass. The fountain grass added a romantic touch to the arrangement . . . this is something my sister thought to bring to test out and it surprised us all.

Of course, you know I'm not happy if I can't post buckets of roses on this blog if I've come across some. So here you go.

The socks I've been working on are also going well. They have a touch of blue, so I'll go ahead and post them here. One more to go. I'll try to find a cool place to take cover this afternoon and get some knitting done.

Blue stripes mingling with knitted twists make this an entertaining and easy project to work on. Behind the sock in both images is the combed top that I spun to make the yarn for these socks.

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