09 June 2009

a morning in the garden

We finally got some rain this past weekend. My garden was parched, which made watering a priority. Watering alone can take up over an hour's worth of time each evening, so I'm happy for the break. 

Rain also means all of the weeds are really easy to pull. I spent the morning on my knees crawling around the garden yanking wayward plants. 

I mulch with straw. Usually this works well, but this year I got a fresh batch that sprouted oats down at the south end of the garden. I took care of that problem this morning as well, by turning the new growth under and re-mulching. The oats were a problem above the soil, but now they are a nutritious green manure. 

The flowers above come from various plants around the yard. There's lilacs, bleeding hearts, honeysuckle, and some lacy ones that I don't know the name of. 

Hope your gardens are under control. 

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