08 June 2009

barn notes : a new coop

I guess a farmer should probably prepare himself for chaos when he adopts a roost of egg laying hens from a cousin who is happy to give the chickens away for free and also be generous (or just plain thankful) enough to include a hundred egg cartons for all their perspective eggs. 

I posted earlier this spring about my family's love of farm fresh eggs. About a month after that post we picked up our adopted chickens, and, lacking a proper chicken coop, kept them in one of the grain bins for shelter. 

Now, our chickens have a proper home of their own. 

My brother designed a new chicken coop for them off of the side of our barn. This project involved tearing down an old granary, and, using the existing foundation, rebuilding the walls and roof. 

He built a roosting box along the north wall that allows us to gather eggs from the outside and avoid the feathered frenzy within. 

The walls of the coop are constructed out of weathered corrugated metal that has been reclaimed from our great uncle's farm. Most of the wood two-by-fours come from our grandpa's stash. 

I think 80% of the materials used in this project have been reclaimed and reused, which was a goal we had at the offset. 

As you can see, the sides of the coop have become a favorite backdrop of mine for my fiber. I also love the windows and trim, which he accented with a wash of red paint.

More to come about the project I made with this yarn (my finished chicken scratch socks) and the comical events/celebrations that surround this new building on our farm.

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