16 June 2009

girl about town

Yarn comes in pretty handy around here. 

I just moved into my new apartment in the city. I was happy to discover that I'd remembered most of the essentials as I unpacked my boxes on Sunday evening. 

It took Monday morning to discover that I'd remembered the coffee pot and coffee grounds, but not the coffee filters. And no more than five seconds later, I discovered that I'd purchased a new shower curtain, but forgot the little plastic rings that fix the curtain to the curtain rod. 

Could have been a disaster. (Or at least a really bad hair day.)

After one attempt to fix the curtain up using two lonely clothespins, my eyes settled on the happy basket of yarn I'd brought with me from home. 

A dozen loops of extra chunky served me nicely, and I can now securely shower behind a sheet of blue plastic decadence.  

Hurrah for life's small pleasures!

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