01 November 2014

apple orchard

Last weekend we stopped by the apple orchard that my husband's grandparents used to own when he was a boy. He spent many October days there sorting apples and helping out in the orchard. He had lots of fun stories to share as he led me around the farm.

"This is different." He would say. "They didn't have a fire pit here when I was a kid."

When we were in the barn he commented on how small it all seemed to him now. Of course, I thought, everything seems huge to us when we're kids. Some days I wish I could go back to being a kid again. Especially in the fall when the leaves are so crunchy and the nights are so crisp. Who would you choose to become on Halloween night? Would you skip down the sidewalk with your friends feeling nothing but joy and anticipation over your bag full of candy and the school days stretching out in front of you?

Last night - which was Halloween - I made a big pot of chili for dinner. As we sat down at the table Garrett commented that pretty soon we would have our hands full on Halloween. Meaning he hoped we would be blessed with children soon. I felt so grateful for him in that moment - reminding me of what we have to look forward to - not our school days, but our kid's school days and costumes. 

We'll bring them to the orchard someday and let them sit on the tractor and pet the goats and tell them how "Daddy used to work here." And all of these days of waiting for things to begin and of forcing myself to stand strong on the sidelines of motherhood will shrink from the huge mountain they are today into a mole hill. A mere speed bump on our journey to become a family.

Praying for you little ones!



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