05 November 2014

a walk

Quick, while the leaves are still on the trees, snap a picture! We got out for a walk this past weekend. So many people have commented how wonderful this autumn has been. The leaves seemed to glow bright for weeks and weeks.

It's a rainy and windy day today and the leaves are finally gone. I miss them, but from what I hear we may be expecting a dash of snow this upcoming weekend, so that will add some excitement to the landscape. I've already noticed that the advertising around me is turning to snowflakes and holidays. November is always a month that seems to pass in a flash for me. We have a party at work this upcoming Monday and then the real celebration happens at the end of the month.

I've been making comfort foods. Lamb and spinach lasagna, warm, crusty bread and soups. I love it when a pan of leftovers saves dinner after a busy day at work. All you have to do is pop a plate in the microwave and in a few minutes you have a meal sitting on the table. In just a few weeks we'll all be trying to figure out what to do with the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Bring on the turkey and the stuffing!

I've got to find more ways to get both Garrett and myself in these photos. I've realized over the past few months that I'm posting just me and Bree (because Garrett took the photo) or just Garrett and Bree (because I took the photo) or just Bree! I've been trying to get a good shot of us all for our holiday card, but so far I've had no luck.

I'm busy today with home study renewal stuff. We need to go in for our annual sit-down interview with our lovely social worker, Kathi. The biggest thing that happened to us this past year was the adoption of our rescue dog, Bree.

Sending love,


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