27 September 2014

my sweethearts

Warm woolly socks for winter, hearty stews with lentils and spices, a Sunday pot roast with herbs from the garden and a glass or red wine - my two sweethearts chillin' on the sofa. Fall is here and I'm trying not to miss out on it!

Today has already been a busy day. I've cleaned the house, baked a loaf of banana bread and now I'm sitting in my little studio playing around with words and yarn. I brought most of my house plants inside because the mornings have been chilly around here. Many of them ended up on my desk. The window faces east and they get a good amount of sun in the morning. Hopefully we'll see some pretty flowers come January.

As I write this Bree is in the backyard, nosing around in the fading garden and woofing playfully at people as they walk by. We'll head out for a walk in the early evening. Me, Bree and the hubby. Ever since we got Bree we've been walking together more, and I miss Garrett when he's too busy to head out with us on our evening jaunts. The weather is supposed to be glorious this weekend. I'm on a "stay-cation" here at home. Now that the house is in order I can dig into one of my many projects.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.




  1. Enjoy your staycation. Bree has certainly settled in now. Look forward to seeing some of your projects.

  2. All good things Jillian! Bree looks so happy!


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