23 May 2014

sunny afternoon

This week it's been absolutely beautiful around here. I took at walk on Tuesday night and visited a stand of tulips that have been shouting out to me (alongside the road) on my drive in to work. I'm glad I "got them" before they dropped their petals.

Last night Garrett and I went to meet a dog. We're thinking about adopting a sheltie/collie mix from an sheltie rescue group in our area. It's taken me a long time to get Garrett to come around to the idea of having a dog, he is a "cat person." Now that we've started to reach out and meet perspective puppies I can see him coming around - we're both coming around. It feels like I'm coming back to myself in a lot of ways. I don't know how I lived so long with out a dog. It's been three years since my Siberian Husky - Cree - passed. I can't believe I've gone that long without a walking buddy.

I'm already thinking about meals for this holiday weekend. There's going to be a lot of grilling and maybe it's time to whip up a batch of my favorite deviled eggs.

I finished my socks, just in time for summer! (Isn't that the way it always goes? Oh well.) I'm re-reading "A Room With a View." I forgot how wonderful that book is. (Almost on par with Jane Austen, almost.)

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.




  1. I really want to read Room with a View! I'm gobbling up Bridges of Madison County right now! Jill, these pictures are so vibrant! So beautiful!

  2. Yeah Jillian - come back over to the fun, furry four-legged world! So glad that you are looking to adopt from a rescue group!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I always enjoy them. And congrats on the dog!

  4. Jill we are so happy about Bree! We can not wait to meet her. Have a good weekend. Beautiful tulips!

  5. That book has been on my reading list for a long time - maybe I shall move it up. I had a miniature sheltie/cattle dog X when I was young. Enjoy your long weekend.

  6. Oh a dog! We are always talking about whether to get a dog....we dont have kids, we've had cats before but I like birdwatching now so maybe a dog? I know shelties, my friend had them as a kid, very sweet x


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