13 May 2014

north shore

This past weekend Garrett and I took a surprise trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior. We decided to go late Friday night and booked the reservation then. I had no expectations - just the desire to get away. The trip turned out to be a wonderful experience.

It was 70 degrees on the shore. We couldn't believe it. There I was dressed in layers and flannel and we had to start shedding layers - we both got a little sun. We stayed at Pine Cove Lodge in Beaver Bay, MN, which is just south of Silver Bay. (I love that name.) The only other people at the resort seemed to be a wedding party - other than that Garrett and I had the entire cove (and what felt like the lake) to ourselves. I needed this trip. I lived for seven years in Duluth, MN. For seven years I had the lake on my back doorstep - that wonderful view that you can lose yourself in. And the sound of the water . . .

This was not the way Garrett and I hoped to spend Mother's Day this year - we'd hoped for a little one squalling in the backseat. It was hard and bittersweet for me. A day I can't celebrate . . . yet. The lake and those old, old stones comforted me.

Garrett and I will come back to this place and walk along the shore with our child someday.

That's a promise.


  1. And, I will send a huge love note to that baby of yours, reminding him/her of how much their Mama and Papa craved them! I have no doubt--absolutely none! You will be the most wondrous mother, Jill!

  2. Thank you, Julia, for all of your kind and supportive words . . . this entire time! You've always had something positive and encouraging to say. It keeps me afloat . . .I've just got to keep treading water. I can do it!

  3. Jill, simply beautiful images of Lake Superior. Glad that you could get away and find peace and beauty. Love the photo of you and the stick. Like your new header.

  4. Beautiful pictures Jillian. Your words make me view the screaming child that I had in my backseat this weekend in a new light. Have to appreciate the whole package - tantrums and laughs together.

  5. Stunning photos yet again - I love seeing views of places that I will probably never get too.


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