13 June 2012

creative habits

It's taken me a while to get back into my creative habits since I finished school. I've slowly been packing away my notebooks and projects and turning to the activities that filled my life before the craziness of grad school.

This sock yarn had been sitting on the bobbin for a least a year. I finally finished enough to start a pair of socks and started knitting. This pattern comes from the premiere issue of NORO knitting magazine. There's some familiar patterns on its pages, but enough new ones to tempt anyone who loves splashes of bold color.  This pattern is simply called cabled socks. They feature a combination of large and small intersecting cables that wrap the foot like a pair of Roman sandals. 

This is what my yarn looked like on the bobbin. 

This fiber is from my mother's CVM romeldale sheep. The colorway is called Morning Glory. This blend is 100% wool and we pot dyed it to achieve this random striping color effect. I spun it in singles so that I can watch the bands of color shift, stack and blend.

It's always exciting to knit with hand spun yarn, you never know what colors will pop up next.

Yum yum. Living local and straight out of the back yard. . . well the raspberries and greens are from the backyard. I was craving avocados. I made a tangy dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a dash of sea salt and pepper.

This is what I've been craving all year.

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