07 April 2012

chasing [not counting] sheep

I was up at the farm this weekend and one of the first things I did was walk out to the barnyard to see my mother's new lambs. These rascals were not easy to catch on film. Their mothers were a bit skittish, so that means everyone was skittish. I kept trying to get close to a resting lamb for a good shot and the mama ewe would suddenly bolt and then all the sheep were suddenly blotting around me.

Little flashes of cream, black, caramel, dark brown and calico wool.

I caught the little bugger above on a pile of black dirt. He paused, cocked his head a me, struck a pose and then bolted off to join his comrades in the corner of the barnyard.

Here's a preview of some of the lovely shades of wool we're going to sheering off next spring. We've never had this shade of warm, caramel brown. I'm guessing it will lighten up a bit, but that's all the better.

Up, and ready to run away!

The sweetest speckled ears . . . but I couldn't catch this little lamb to pet them.

So, I went inside and had a glass of wine and some Easter candy.

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