26 March 2012

a very busy weekend

A very busy weekend. I baked, I gardened, I knit. There's a writer on creative process, Julia Cameron, who talks about the idea of filling up our "creative wells". Every individual has an inner supply of creative "life water" that they tap into in order to create more and more. This well has to be refilled on a regular basis in order for us to live healthy and creative lives.

I think I crammed all of these beautiful arts into this weekend because I know I'm going to have a very busy week. I'm finishing up my master's final project in architecture. That means sixteen hour days at school in the studio. (If I'm lucky.)

When I start to get low on creative energy at school I actually tap into this blog and look at some of my past entries to remind myself who I am and what I will be able to get back to when I'm done with this very busy time in my life.

Fresh bread.

And family celebrations.

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